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    Just show me the posts

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    per MSDN, information re ADOX

    ADOX is an extension to the ADO objects and programming model. It exposes additional objects for creating, modifying, and deleting schema objects, such as tables and procedures. It also includes security objects to maintain user accounts and groups and to grant and revoke permissions on objects. However, the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server does not support many ADOX features. The unsupported features are listed below by object or collection:

    Catalog object: Create method.
    Tables collection: Properties for existing tables are read-only (properties for new tables can be read/write).
    Views collection: Not supported.
    Procedures collection: Append method, Delete method, Command property.
    Keys collection: Append method, Delete method.
    Users collection: Not supported.
    Groups collection: Not supported.
    Because ADOX is not well supported against SQL Server and MSDE databases, as an alternative you can perform a more complete set of DDL and administration programming tasks by executing Transact-SQL statements against ADO Command objects, or by using the SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) programming model.

    For reference information about ADOX, see C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\ado\ado210.chm.

    For information about technical issues, known bugs, and limitations of ADOX and other parts of the MDAC, see the MDAC Readme file, which by default is located at C:/Program Files/Common Files/System/ado/MDACReadme.htm.

    For reference information about using SQL-DMO, see the "Developing SQL-DMO Applications" book, which is contained in the "Building SQL Server Applications" book in SQL Server Books Online.
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