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    Post Unanswered: Web interface for Access

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a web interface for an access database that resides on one of my company's servers. Due to restrictions i can't use any other DB solution (shame as it would make it easier)

    The database consists of 3 main tables, shown in the screen grab. My question is this, how do I perform an update to all 3 tables when I don't know the aboutYouID pk from the first table as this is being created in the table at the same time as the others?

    Potentially more than one person could be updating their details at the same time so simply pulling the last record from the table and using this is impossible surely?

    How can i get around this.

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    Hi daffy

    When you create an entry in the first table, you will need to store its value in a session variable, or pass it from page to page.

    After adding a record using ADO, you can use the movefirst method of the ADO recordset object and read the newly created value.

    Smartsave Pty Ltd has considerable experience in developing applications of this nature, and can be of further assistance.



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    And for a possibly related link: : ASP FAQS : Databases, General
    How do I get the record number of a just added record, using an Access database table? by Bill Wilkinson - 11/3/2000
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