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    Unanswered: SQL 2k Replication - view to table

    We would like to copy sensitive prod data into a devleopment environment and use a view to alter some of the sensitive rows. (incl. ssn's)

    We have views that will "scrub" the data and substitute ssn's with an alternate key for R.I.

    Some would like us to use replication to copy from our scrubbed views to our dev tables. Anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish this?

    Only ops has access to distributors on-site, including my laptop so I can't do much experimenting and have to back-seat drive.

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    mmmmmmmm replacing Primary/foreign Key values - my favourite nightmare

    don't use replication for things like this, write TSQL SP's that will TRY and write the Views Data into the Dev Tables in order (parent key tables first - possibly).

    You could use SELECT INTO it's one of my favourite shortcuts

    I could be on the wrong track as I don't understand some of what your saying

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