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    Question Unanswered: Populate from Email


    My first post so I apologise if I seem a little inexperienced here about postgres.

    I want to install a database in my office to enable recording client/customer data

    Is it possible to populate a postgres database direct from receipt of an email (in csv format)? Forms filled in on the website will email to an address that will then populate the database...
    If so has anyone tried this and got it working?

    I am also looking for a recommended utility to build and define my database in postgres with the ability to build reports from the data. re there any good GUI's available to help with this. Any help would be of great value

    Many thanks


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    I can't answer your first question, although I think it is possible and I believe I have seen some discussion of it on the PostgreSQL General discussion group at the PostgreSQL homepage. Regarding development tools, there are a few to choose from; pgAdmin III is a free download typically included with the PostgreSQL download package. PG Lightning Admin is reasonably priced and works well - available from AM Software. PostgreSQL manager is also nice, costs a bit more, and is available from EMS. These are mainly intended for database design and administration - not so strong for developing reports, which is more the function of front-end software. All will allow views, which may satisfy the need for basic reports.

    Hope that helps, and sorry I couldn't help you with the first question.

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