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    Unanswered: Diffrent look with Win 2K

    I had to change over to Windows 2K from XP (needed to run NT on my computer). Since I did this Access has a diffrent look to it. It has almost a 2D look to it and like colors are missing. Things like my command buttons have square edges rather then the rounded look, The drop down arrows in combo boxes are grey instead of being blue.

    I'm running Win 2K Pro and Office 2003 Pro. Desktop res is 1024x768 32bit colors and the appearance scheme is set to windows standard.
    Is this just how Access looks with Win 2K or am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Hmm I just checked my XP machines and they have a Windows XP scheme. Would this be the reason for the diffrent look? Is there any way to get the XP scheme into 2K?

    Nevermind I got my question answered. It's a Win2K issue.
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