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    Unanswered: Filter by selection in an ADP shows #Error in Calculation in Form's Footer

    See the attached file.....

    I have a continuous form that shows invoices by date and customer.

    if you click the customer field and then the "filter by selection" in the toolbar, the form will filter records for that customer only. the Total at the bottom will sum the invoice amounts for the selected or filtered customer....

    the same applies to date - click a date field, click filter by selection, and the amounts are summed in the form footer by the selected date...

    if you remove the filter, the amount is summed for ALL invoices....

    this all works perfect in a MS Access .mdb - but when I try to do the same in a MS Access ADP, against a sql server database, the form sums properly for all records, but when I use a filter by selection the total shows #error.

    does anyone know how to get this to work in an ADP?

    Thanks - AB
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