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    Red face Unanswered: Data Warehouse Center ???

    In the Data Warehouse, After defining a warehouse Source as a flat file
    I tried clicking on the Browse button to select a file then I get the error below

    The DB2 Administration Server (DAS) on the agent site has not been cataloged on the Data Warehouse Center client. See the online help for instructions about cataloging the DB2 Administration Server

    DB2 v8.1 FP6
    Platform: AIX

    On the warehouse instance I checked the whether the DAS was cataloged
    "db2set db2adminserver" and it returned the correct name for the DAS instance.

    Is there something I am missing, please advise.

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    is the client also on the same machine as dw server/agent ?
    is the client a db2 client that tries to communicate with admin ?
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    Talking Problem Resolved

    The Client is on a different machine from the DW.
    Somehow the admin node cataloged on the client machine
    got messed up, I uncataloged the Admin node and recataloged it
    problem resolved.

    uncatalog node #$*
    catalog admin tcpip node #$%

    thats all I had to do


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