Hi I am new to DB2 UDB. Can anyone give me some help?

How does one pull processing load from a server machine to
a client machine. I specifically want to make a DB2 UDB API call db2ReadLogNoConn on a server machine (because the log files are there) but have the client machine process the call. Can I simply copy over the logs to the client machine and then make the call on the client machine. Is this possible on the client versions of DB2 UDB. Or do I
need to install a server version of DB2 UDB on the client
machine also and copy log files from server machine over.
Would the server instance on the client machine crash if
I try to make the DB2 API call. In other words, does the
instance need to contain the database, tables, etc in order
to do a db2ReadLogNoConn ???

Any words, pointers would be greatly appreciated!!!