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    Exclamation Unanswered: Replication Betw DB2 7.1 db and DB2 8.1 FP6 db

    Hi, The issue I am having is probably a simple one since i cannot find anything on the web regarding the error I am getting.

    I have setup my replication on AIX and got as far as starting my apply program but get the following error in the ASN.IBMSNAP_APPLYTRACE table:

    ASN1016I APPLY "METPOL9_D". Refresh copying has been disabled. The error code is "5E1603".

    METPOL9_D is the name of my APPLY_Qualifier.

    Please advise, and inform me if any more info is needed reagrding the setup or environment.

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    this means for registration (capture control tables) full refresh is not allowed.
    apply does want to refresh the table : for initial load or to get in synch or for any reason, and is not allowed to....
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    Thumbs down Pass the initial problem

    I have new issue, I enabled Full refresh in the ASN.IBMSNAP_REGISTER table
    SET disable_refresh col to 0.

    I got pass the initial error but getting the error below

    ASN1001E APPLY "METPOL9_D". The Apply program encountered an SQL error. The ERRCODE is "650101". The SQLSTATE is "42601". The SQLCODE is "-104". The SQLERRM is "OPTIMIZE˙PI060" WHERE (NULL)˙<comp_op> <quantifier> <subquery>". The SQLERRP is "SQLNP012". The server name is "". The table name is "DATA.TMPI060".

    In short, all I would like to know is, is DB2 v7.1 compatible with DB2 v8.1 replication. Is there anybody who has managed to get it working across different versions.

    I know there is a difference in architecture but will that cause for the replication not to work.

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