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    Unanswered: Electronic Signature

    In MS Access,
    Can We do electronic signature?

    Like, make one electronic signature for one record, then send to Approver to approvel the record.

    Please let me know about it. Thanks.


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    Just a thought.....

    Add a Employee field to one of your tables which will accept a password dedicated to each Employee. The password should be encrypted within the database and must be privately entered by the employee. Which then means that employee John Doe is assigned a password of jd001jd. Before any one record can be filled or edited, the employee must quickly enter their specific password first (jd001jd). The related Employee name to the password is added to the record (do not add the password). When the record is completed, it is then sent for approval. Once approval has been established, the record is then saved.

    Something like that.

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