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    Unanswered: Error in 2003 "invalid use of null (94)" a date field

    Hi -

    My company recently converted from Access 97 to Access 2003. Since the upgrade, I'm getting an error message when I try and enter a date in a date field on a form. I get the "invalid use of null (94)" error message.

    I've looked at the properties and the field is still correctly showing a short field as the data type...any ideas or suggestions?


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    Is there code attached to the form? If so, are you using a recordset (DAO?) Change the order of the references- bump DAO as high as it will go.

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    An "Invalid use of Null" message means exactly that. A null value is placed where it's not acceptable which in your case is the date field.

    Handle this condition. See help on the Nz() function. If the error is based within a table then ensure the date field is permitted to accept a Null value. Check the Reguired property. If set to Yes then a Null value can not be placed into the date field.

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    Even if the date field is set to Required = Yes , you are entering the value in this field. So there no question remains of Invalid value of null for this DATE field.

    I think there should be field(s) on the form (before entering date) which you set visible =false or kept behind some other bound / unbound text boxes and thiose are set Required = Yes and no value(s) are being supplied.

    View your table and check all the fields for Required property.


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