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    Unanswered: Synchronization of SQL server 2000 & SQL-Express data

    I have a master database containing data from many client databases located in various locations.
    I have to synchronize data between the master & client databases. If data in client changes, the master needs to be updated. If the data in Master changes, the client needs to be updated.

    Because of the security issue, the client location will initiate this process of Synchronization. It has to be automatic process scheduled once everyday. The Client databases are SQL-Express Databases and the Master is Sql Server 2000 database.

    What is the industry standard or the best way to achieve this task ? Are their any tools that easily accomplish this? Can SQl Server Replication achieve this ?

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    I would suggest express edition clients be set up as a PULL Merge Replication Subscriber to the Master Database (Publisher)

    Express version does support this

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