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    Unanswered: ODBC Combo boxes

    I'm relatively new to working with Access. Where I work there are several sql servers that have data I query. Instead of having multiple Access applications to work with each database I'm trying to make a single Access application that I can use to do simple queries with.

    Basically, I'm hoping to have one form with 2 combo boxes and a field to enter what I want to query for. I'd like the first combo box to be populated with whatever odbc links are defined on the machine I'm working on. Once you pick your odbc connection in the first box, the second combobox should populate with whatever tables are available. It'd also be nice if there was an ALL option to query all tables but I could live with or without it. Then hopefully I would enter my query information such as 'unix' and click a button to run the query and display it.

    I'm having a real time figuring out how to dynamically populate the comboboxes with odbc and table information. I was wondering if anyone might have any advise or references they could provide to help me with creating this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Combo boxes to list tables


    Can you give us a little more detail about what you want to look up in your tables? If your table relationships are set up properly, I'm not sure why you need a list of your tables, or be able to query all tables. You should be able to enter your criteria and pull out what you need without that.


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