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    Red face Unanswered: How to connect mysql server on net

    i am programmer. There is a problem related to MySql server. MySql server is on remote machine and i want to connect it with MySql Administrator.
    The error no is 1045 and the error is 'Acess denied for user 'san'@'IP Address' (Using Password 'Yes')
    Can anybody tell me the procedure how to connect to MySql server giving IP address.
    I am using winxp and MySql is on linux server.

    Sandeep Sharma
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    you should type IPAddress of host or host Name in "Server Host" field of MySQL Administrator,your username in "uaername" field and your password in "Password" field. if you couldn't connect, you may not have privileges to connect to that host.
    you should have a username and password on the MySQL Server and also the hostname specified for you (you username) should be your computers name (or IP) OR '%'(which means any IPs).
    you can also run CMD (command prompt) and type "mysql -h HOSTNAME -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD " in it and press enter.
    but to connect via vb.Net to MySQL you can download connector/Net from MySQL AB WebSite (, and use it to connect your app. to MySQL Server.


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