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    Question Unanswered: using isql (dos) in Batch

    Hi all,

    I want to execute procedures in sybase db using isql.
    The Isql.exe (sql server) from Microsoft provide an really usefull switch :

    Specifies that isql exits and returns a DOS ERRORLEVEL value when an error occurs. The value returned to the DOS ERRORLEVEL variable is 1 when the SQL Server error message has a severity of 10 or greater; otherwise, the value returned is 0. MS-DOS batch files can test the value of DOS ERRORLEVEL and handle the error appropriately.
    To capture an error/warning in sybase isql I know only the way to grepp for all thinkable errors in the logfile...

    Exist any way to handle this like with the Microsoft isql.exe ?
    Or know anyone an more practicable way to capture Warnings/error's ?

    Best Regards

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    Did you ever run across a solution for this? I've been just doing the massive error checking all along, but thought maybe ASE 15+ might have brought something new to the table...


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