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    Unanswered: Decimals in application are not shown


    I have a question concerning decimals within a foxpro application. (yes I have real hobbies aswell )

    On two different PC's within one and the same network I am running an application, on one of them in an overview the decimals are shown on the other they are not. The numbers arn't rounded because a value of 5.80 is shown as 5.

    Can anyone tell me what can be the cause of this problem ?


    Peter Keijenberg
    The Netherlands

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    Not that I'm helpful, but - are you sure you posted the question on the right forum? Foxpro application on Oracle forum?

    However: could it be that users can adjust settings on their own, regardless of the application default setting?
    Or perhaps screen resolution is different on those PC's so - if this value is in the last column - user should scroll right to see the whole report.
    Or, are those reports shared through network (running somewhere on a server), or does every PC run its own version of the report but fetches data from a database on a server? If so, are those versions the same? Perhaps the second one contains a bug?

    By the way, what do you mean by "real hobbies"? I can't remember I saw you here much (finally, this is your 2nd post on dBforums) and, personally, can't even guess what you might do for living, not to mention your hobbies.

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