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    Unanswered: Please Help!!!!!running db2profile for different instance

    The DB2 version is: DB2 v7.1.0.40

    OS is AIX: 5200-06

    Scenerio: I am logged in as db2inst1. After typing "db2 get instance".

    I get "The current database manager instance is: db2inst1". Now what I do is run the db2profile for another instance(db2inst2) just by typing '. /db2inst2/sqllib/db2profile". It shows me it ran the profile fine I can also list db directory and get DBs for db2inst2 but for reason when I type "db2 get instance" my response is ""The current database manager instance is: db2inst1" which is not expected I am expecting to see db2inst2. The IBM document says this command shows the value of DB2INSTANCE environment variable. The DB2INSTANCE variable shows db2inst2.

    Any response is greatly appreciated

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    try "db2 terminate" before running another profile

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