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    Unanswered: my Synchronization Scenario

    Hi, I want to know the a solution for my Synchronization Scenario

    I have a several client databses which are SQL Server 2005 Express and i have a master database which is SQL Server 2000 containing all the individual Client databases. All the individual client databases are kept seperately at the master location. I need to Synchronization the client database with its copy at the master database (something like Merge replication). Both the Client Copy as well as Master Copy could be Publishers & Subscribers.

    Now the problem is Because of security & firewall issues, only the Client should have the ability to schedule & initiate the synchronization process with the master copy. Unfortunately SQL Server 2005 Express has only subscriber agent and not a publisher agent.

    Any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated . Thank You

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    no idea, but you implimented BETA technology. Any chance you can get everything on MSDE?
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