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    Unanswered: Spooling Output in Oracle

    I have figured how to spool my output to a list file.
    The question I have is on how my output looks.

    It looks something like the following.

    Var1Data Var2Data
    Var3Date Var4Data
    Var5Data Var6Data

    I want my data to print out on one line so that it could like something like the following:
    Var1Data Var2Data .... Var20Data <-- Observation 1
    Var1Data Var2Data .... Var20Data <---Observation 2
    Var1Data Var2Data ..... Var20Data <---Observation 100

    What is the Oracle setting to make sure my linesize is quite large so that I can open and view my output in notepad.


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    Try something like:SET LIN 512 TRIMS ON
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