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    Unanswered: Has it been captured?

    Hopefully I get more response on this inquiry than I did on the earlier one today.

    OK. Here's my dilemma/question.

    I am capturing data over periods of time for a particular item. These data can be captured annually, quarterly, monthly, or semi-annually.

    The data are not always captured in in a timely fashion. i.e. for a meausure captured monthly, it may be updated at once with 6 months worth of data. I know this is isn't ideal but this is how the data are available. Trust me it's complicated.

    I want to privide a management report that lists all of the data that should be captured for a measure and display whether or not it has been captured

    for a monthly measurement it might be like
    Month Status Result
    Month 1 captured failed
    month 2 captured passed
    month 3 captured failed
    month 4 not captured
    month 5 not captured

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    My initial thought were to make a table of all of the possible combinations then match the stuff up and create a logical field that determines if the data are captured.

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    Create an integer table for 1-12 and left join by datepart("m", yourfield). the fields with no value have not been captured.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Do what Teddy said create that Integer table then join in a query.

    In the Query Window Right Click on the Join(black line) and Edit the Join Properties

    1 only include ......
    2 include all records form TabeA only those From tableB
    3 include all records form TabeB only those From tableA

    you will need to pick 2 or 3 denpening the the way they are join
    hope this help

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