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Thread: Losing My Tabs

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    Unanswered: Losing My Tabs

    I know it's careless but a friend has managed to do just that! We have checked the Options and the check box is ticked, we have checked to see if some nice person hs added a macro - nothing, we have opened a new workbook and the tabs are there, same for other existing workbooks.

    Anyone any bright ideas? It's Excel XP and I suspect it's just had a moment and will need to re-create the workbook.

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    Perhaps the Split Screen is being used, and scrolled all the way to the left.

    Or if you use the horizontal scroll bar, and drag it all the way to the left, then the tabs disappear. In this case, select the left side of the horizontal scroll bar and drag it to the right.
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    Hi Chris,
    I had a similar problem with a report i inherited last year. It turned out that someone had used a 'veryhidden' function as an upon open function. Took ages to find out what it was. Have a look in the VBA window and see if that is the case (unless the last answer solved the problem). Unfortunately i cant remember how i fixed it probably something simple like removing the code but should be fairly easy to find the answer on the web.

    Hope this has helped in some small way.


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    I am confused. What is missing? The sheets? Or the sheet tabs?

    To bring back the sheets, ALT+F11 > Select the sheet inthe explorer window under Microsoft Excel Objects > select xlSheetVisible in the Visible property.

    To bring back the tabs, Tools menu > Options > View page > check Sheet tabs.

    I hope this helps

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