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    Question Unanswered: Relational databases

    Good Day,

    What is MS-Access's database classification. Is it a true relational datbase or non-relational database?


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    Can you define what you mean by 'true' relational database?

    IMHV Access/JET (JET is the default data storage component in Access) is relational. It has problems, it doesn't scale up well (it runs out of grunt somewhere between 15 and 50 concurrent users). It has some idiosyncracies (not just in the way it implments SQL (granted SQL isn't a defintion of relational but it does have odd quirks.

    I'm sure there are purists who will dispute that. Personally the customers I deal with don't care if they get an appropriate tool for the job required (and at a price they are happy with).

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    Relational database

    By relational database if you mean that it enforces referential integrity, cascade updates and cascade deletes, then yes, MS Access supports these functions (you set this up via the Tools - Relationships). So also does SQL Server 7.0 and later.
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