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    Red face Unanswered: updating more than 1 field at once

    i have made a small data base to keep track of shipments that we recieve
    and who has signed for it

    now my problem i have a table where i have my main info
    and i have a table linked to it where i keep track of the airwaybills
    it's possible that i recieve a shipment with more then 1 airwaybill

    so far no problem but now i want to fill in the name of the person that signed for it and it has to be in the table of the airwaybill
    i have the table linked together with a reference nr

    so now my question ,how can i by just filling out the name once still have the name next all of the airwaybills with the same reference nr

    any help would be very welkom


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    If your main table and airway bill table have relationship that refffered by 'nr' then consider that the data of person name is ready to pick up at any where. Thats the benefit of the relational database. The data field should not be repeated once the relationship set between 2 tables.

    If you concern to show the person name (who signed for airwaybill ) on report, Just create select query and drop the required field from both tables and display the report.


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