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    Unanswered: how to secure mdf

    I am designing an application built on sql server 2000
    how can I prohibit other sql server users from accessing my database and allowing only acceesing it through my application or through owner designer of sql server database.

    my situation needs sometimes copying the db from the end user platforms to
    my designer computer to analyze some problems or maintainenace or modification, and also I have no control on users windows environment and I need the end user professional not to enter the my db from outside my application.

    is there anything I can do to secure an MDF (MSDE/SQL Server 2000) file so that a user cannot see my schema under any circumstances.

    Even if I lock the MDF down and secure the instance, a smart user can just shut off the SQL server, copy the MDF to another instance, sp_attachdb and open it with sa rights. I need a way to prevent others from getting inside my schema.

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    Googled for "sql server encrypt schema" and found the following site which has a product that claims to do what you are after...

    no idea if it really does what you want easily, and it will cost you money to get it...

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