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    Unanswered: Create Procedure / Packages

    In Oracle 9.2 version

    I created a package with 1 procedure in it called ABC.

    I create ABC on date1 using USERIDA thru computerA
    I drop ABC and recreate ABC on date2 using USERIDA thru computerA
    I drop ABC and recreate ABC on date3 using USERIDB thru computerA
    I drop ABC and recreate ABC on date4 using USERIDC thru computerC

    How do I find out the different start / end date timestamps when the package ABC was created and dropped (history) and what userid was used from what computer (like OSUser, Machine, Terminal, etc)

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    You could query USER_OBJECTS to retreive answer to the first part of your question (when it was created and time of the last DDL command). I really wouldn't know is it possible to find out OS user etc. Perhaps it is, but I'd bet opposite.

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    You could write a DDL trigger to populate a table with the information you require. Some examples here

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    If AUDIT was enabled, you'd have the desired information in the future.
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    Thanks - it works.

    thanks it works

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