I have compiled a comprehensive database for use in your direct "personalized" marketing. I have compiled all "published" public profiles from a very large blogger community and have a database of more than 10,000 bloggers who have published their info. These are "blog owners" who published their information, so they are expecting to be contacted from people visiting their blogs, and are very likely to respond to any personal messages you would send to them that would contain information referencing their blog, name, etc. This is your opportunity to contact these blog owners and introduce your product or service.

The database is in Excel (CSV) format and contains the blog owners first and last name as well as their email address and the name of their blog. You will be able to use this information in order to send them personalized messages that will seem individually sent to them. The data is very fresh and has been filtered to remove invalid & outdated contact info. Also, this is only being sold to a small amount of people so the marketing data does not become overused.

The price of the auction is valued at 5 cents per blog owner and is sold at $1.00 per lot. A lot contains 20 database records. So if you want a total of 1,000 blog owners, you would buy 50 lots; 5,000 blog owners would be 250 lots, etc. Just divide the amount of blog owners by 20 and that’s how many lots you would need to buy.

This is a rare opportunity to deliver your product or service to an audience that is much more likely to respond to your message because it contains specific personal information that references their blog and will catch their attention. As of this posting, nobody in the world has used this database. So if your looking for some fresh contacts, this is exactly what you need.

Don't pass this opportunity up. It won’t last very long. If you would like to get some sample data, just buy a dollars worth to see an example of what you would be getting. Payments are by paypal.

Email your lot request to shaka0070@hotmail.com