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    Unanswered: Cast ST_GEO to BLOB

    Hi Guys,

    do you have any idea how to Cast a ST_Geometry to BLOB in Informix IDS?

    Thanks for all answers.


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    You can't use the normaly CAST Syntax...

    "There is no function to convert ST_Geo to BLOB..."

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    Casting ST_Geometry to BLOB


    I wonder why you would want to do such a thing. I mean, you could, I suppose, but how would you interpret the BLOB once you got hold of it?

    You can access any part of the ST_Geometry from the various functions supplied with the DataBlade. For example, you can access all the vertices through ST_NumPoints, ST_NumGeometries, ST_StartPoint, ST_PointN, etc.

    If you really want a binary or text representation of the geometry, you could convert it to Well-Known Binary (WKB) with ST_AsBinary, or as Well-Known Text (WKT) with ST_AsText. You can find the format for each of these representations at the OGC website ( Look in the appendix of the OpenGIS(c) Simple Features Implementation Specification for SQL.

    -- Frood

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