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    Unanswered: Selecting text from reports possible?

    Is there a way to select text from the reports in Access?
    I can right click and export them to Excel and then copy/paste it. But I would save a lot of time if I could just copy it from the reports.
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    I don't think Microsoft have done this yet...

    Generally reports are the final output in Access and it is fixed. You have only choice to export them into office application such as Excel or Word.


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    Concur with Ashfaque, however not convinced that Microsoft will ever do that.

    You could consider putting some code behind the report and pump it into Excel, or a comma separated value (CSV) file to read into Excel.

    You could consider using the same query that creates the report within Excel, by using that as a datasource within your Excel model(s)

    Of the 2 appraoches the latter will be easier and more straightforward. The downside is that if you have to change the report you (or your successor) have to remember to change the queries aswell (you have to make the same changes to the first option however as its sending the data you change once.

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