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    Unanswered: blank format property on a report

    I have a report put together and I'm trying to change on of the fields to currency in the properties. Usually there's dropdown with options. This time there's no dropdown and it's blank. I've tried just typing in currency but that doesn't work. I used the Format formula in my query and it works, but some numbers are below $1,000 and other aren't. It looks somewhat strange when $930 looks like $0,930. I have it formatted to read $0,000. I like to keep the comma in there for numbers over 999. Any ideas why the format property might be blank? Thanks.

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    Not sure why the format property doesn't show, but try changing




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    Input Field Type

    I assume the reason you are not seeing the property you are used to seeing is that you are using a different input field type.

    If you switch between 1.) textbox, 2.) Dropdown Combo Box, and 3.) Listbox you will see differences.

    I'm sure there are properties to support your format, but you have to know which one as the names change by which input field you have selected to use.


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