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    Unanswered: Hide Windows Top Bar

    Can never remember what it is called, but is there a method to hide the uppermost bar (usually blue) in Windows when running an MSAccess application? WinXPPro, A2K3. I can do the coding in vba if necessary. Will remove it only in my .mde.
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    Are you talking about a Access Form or the Access Parent Window itself?

    If you are talking about a Access Form then set these properties for your form:

    Caption to nothing
    ControlBox to No
    Min Max Buttons to None
    Close Button to No
    Whats This Button to No
    Moveable to No

    If your talking about the Access Parent Window then download the simple attached Sample (keep in mind that all your Forms will have to have the PopUp property set to ON:

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    I am talking about the Access parent window. Thank you.
    I will try your code.

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