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    Unanswered: RTF format


    After I send the file using RTF format, I open the file, the border line cannot be transfer there.
    But, the report can show borderline.
    After transferring, the borderline cannot show.

    How can I transfer borderline and the image?


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    This is typical when Sending RTF Reports with MS Access. Lines including cell lines in Tables, and border lines do not always show if at all. To overcome this problem, you and the recipient must use the Microsoft SnapShot Viewer. I believe it comes some with MS Office packages.

    The other way to overcome this problem is to not use report formating that contains lines etc.

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    ... or consider using another reporting file format which does store all the details of the report as seen on your screen. Consider using a PDF writer. Occasionally however even the acrobat PDF writer can throw a wobbly and loose soem of the formatting.

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