Hi all,

I have a Server 2003 box that currently has no SQL Server installed on it. We are trying to put SqlDoc on the server, but it needs the SQL-DMO module. So, I thought it would be sucky to put the client tools on the server box (no need, it will never have SQL Server on it - it is a production support box without SQL Server needs), so I follow all the many sites' and google hits suggestions to install the SQL-DMO software components. All is well until I try to register the dll (regsvr32 sqldmo.dll). Then I get an error saying that "LoadLibrary("sqldmo.dll") Failed - The specified module could not be found".

So, thinking I had put some bogus files there, or messed up the installation directory path structure somehow (not that it is in any way complex ), I beat my head bloody against this particular wall for most of the last day and a half.

Finally I get irritated and say "dammit, fine. I'll put the client tools on the box". So, go to do that, and WOW!!! SURPRISE!!! It gets to the beginning of the install and quits with a failure message that is strangely familiar - something along the lines of ""the specified module could not be found". Amazingly enough, it is looking for a file it JUST DUMPED INTO THE LOCAL TEMP DIRECTORY!!! In fact, the error message it shows has the path it was looking for, and - amazingly enough, the file it is looking for is sitting right there, with a smirk on its face, laughing. RIGHT WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE (according to the error message displayed).

OK, here is where I cursed at Uncle Bill and thought about kicking the machine, though I decided no on the latter, replacing it instead with more of the former.

So. Boys and Girls. What gives? This sounds more like a WINDOWS problem than a SQL Server problem, but since it rears it's ugly head during the SQL Server istallation attempt, here I am on this thread.

Anyone had a similar experience? Could it be some PATH variable screwed up? Even though the two install attempts above were tried with the FULL installation path in the command(s)???

Any thoughts, or directiona-assistl pushes would be greatly appreciated.