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    Question Unanswered: Add drill down to a regular report

    Hi, everyone. I have a report that was designed sometime ago by someone else. Originally the report wasn't created as a drill-down report, but I now want to add the drill down to it for better performance. The only way I found on how to do it is to recreate the report from scratch using the "Drill Down" type of report. The report is pretty complex and I really do not want to and do not have time to recreate it.

    Is there any other way of doing it? Perhaps there is an option or some type or setting that I can modify for the report that will turn it from regular one into the drill down one?

    I'm using a report designer for Crystal reports 9 available in Visual Studio 2003.
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    If there are no Groups to drill down into then you shoud add Groups (at the levels you require) then move the fields from the Details section in to the group header. After that you can add more detailed info to the 'detail' section and hide it, so that it becomes a drill down.

    Hope this makes some sense!

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