I am using MySql and PHP to develope website. In order to develope sites I am dreamweaver MX under Windows XP version. I have managed to create site under dreamweaver Mx. But When i try to connect database i have encountered a problem called
"There is no testing server running on the machine" The testing server specified for this site does not map to the http://localhost/....../.php" URL. HTTP error code 404 file not found".
The setting I have done is edit and test locally. (I have also tried other options). Under my connection setting I have specified the MYSql server is "localhost". Can any one help me to fix this error.
Note: I am apache also. My IIS stopped already. If I work under IIS instead of APache i am getting error message, "http 405 error code, method not allowed".
Can any one help me to fix this problem