hello group:

I want to created a database, then star practicing sql command. I run into two problems

I. can't make connection to database
II. can't run a script which will created a database.

I. can't make connection to database

1. create db by using postgres manager Lite's create db wizard

db name new_db / host : lost host/port: 5432/login: postgres
when I tried to connect to this db I got FATAL error, “database new_db doesn’t exist."

2. Then I registered new host on port 5433, tried to connect. I got follwing error, “error connection to server, is the server running on host, and allow TCP/IP connection on port 5433?”

I checked pgadmin menu If this message appears, there are two possible reasons for this:
a)either the server isn't running at all. Simply start it.

b)The other non-trivial cause for this message is that the server isn't configured to accept TCP/IP requests on the address shown.

Modification done: modified postgressql.conf set listen_addresses='*'
Do I need to set port = 5432, then add port 5433 as well? I still got same error message

II. can't run a script which will created a database.

1. run script in EMS postgres manager Lite
run command create database booktown;
· Error: "ERROR: source database "template1" is being accessed by other users"

2. Run script in pgadmin
Create Database "booktown";
\connect booktown postgres
ERROR: syntax error at or near "\" at character 146

Please give me some advise, I am kind of struck here. I need information on how to create and connect to a database

Where I can find error log message in postgres.org web site which can help me trouble shoot the error message i got.