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    Question Unanswered: table fragment

    Hi All,
    Need to fragment the table for performance reason. What should I do with the index. Should I detach it first then followed by table fragment? or may be any other ways to do it ?
    How could I do reindex the table after the table was fragmented?
    Thank you very much.

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    I suggest that save the schema of the table, next drop all index, next run ALTER FRAGMENT ON TABLE xxxxx INIT IN FRAGMENT BY [expression | round robin] IN dbspace list. Next create index. This indexes will be fragmented as table.


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    Hi Gustavo,
    Q1- How to estimate the dbspace list ? How big for each dbspace should be ? should I base on the table size and and divide by the dbspace list and allocate the size accordingly or few Gb extra ?

    Q2- Is the table size is still limit to 64 Gb once the table was fragmented ??

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    Q2: The table limit will be aprox 16MillionPages per fragment.

    Q1: It depends. I usually recomend to create 1 fragment per different 'logical' disk - if you have a disk cabinet, RAID or someting like it makes 1 big disk -> create all the dbspaces you like.
    The extent sizes you use are the fragment extent sizes:
    extent size 100 next size 50: every fragment will be 100Kb when created.

    About the dbspaces size: divide and take an extra Gb - say 2x36, or 4x20, or 8x10... but take care about the fragment expressions.

    BTW: it would be nice to have the table schema (use the -ss option for dbschema) and know which columns your apps use most.
    José Luis Matute.

    Regards from Spain.

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    It is not the 64 GB table limit that you've reached but the 16,777,715 pages per table fragment limit. When you fragment your database, each dbspace is a fragment, hence 2 dbspaces = 2 fragments, and total pages will be 2 * 16,777,715 pages.

    On you Q1: I'm sure you can figure that out.

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