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    Wink Unanswered: how to set dateformat for my import

    hi guys,
    when i try this command:
    import from test.txt of del modified by coldel0x09 dateformat="DD-MMM-YY" insert into stat_test
    i always get the warning message:
    SQL3129W The date, time, or timestamp field containing "12-DEC-00" in row "5"
    and column "35" was padded with blanks.

    because my file:test.txt contain one column(column "35") is like "12-DEC-00",
    my question is how can i set dateformat to make my import operation be succeed?

    Any response is greatly appreciated

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    "DD-MMM-YY" is not a valid dateformat.

    You can choose from:

    YYYY - Year (four digits ranging from 0000 - 9999)
    M - Month (one or two digits ranging from 1 - 12)
    MM - Month (two digits ranging from 1 - 12; mutually exclusive with M)
    D - Day (one or two digits ranging from 1 - 31)
    DD - Day (two digits ranging from 1 - 31; mutually exclusive with D)
    DDD - Day of the year (three digits ranging from 001 - 366; mutually exclusive with other day or month elements)

    Some examples of date formats are:

    You will have to present "12-DEC-00" in the form of "12/12/2000" or something similar to DB2 before you can load those records.
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    Thumbs up

    thank u for ur reply.

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