Hi all,

I developed a report on Crystal XI that connects to a SQL Server database that didn't use any parameters, then I developed a web page to display it, whick worked perfectly, I click on the "submit" button on my web page and immediately it displays the report. I was asked to include the name of the person that calls the report in the footer section, so I created a parameter called "Owner" of type string, then within my web page code I send the name of the user as a parameter, now, the thing that is driving me NUTS, after I added that parameter every time I click on the "submit" button I'm asked to give the password to connect to my SQL Server database !!!!, if I remove the parameter then I'm not asked for anything and the report connects and generates perfectly, if I add the parameter again then again I'm asked for the SQL Server password. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm not modifying the database connection parameters with the "Owner" parameter, so why is it asking for the SQL Server password when I include it and not asking for it when I don't include it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Luis Torres