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    Red face Unanswered: Getting Data Out

    Hello Dear Folks,

    It is hard to explain but let me see how well I can do it.

    I have 3 tables A, B and C. A relates to B (1-to-many), B relates to C (1-to-0...more). But relating Ato C, for every row of A there will be 2 rows in C. Because of this relationship, I am not able to join all the three tables and get a single row. This results in 2 rows for each item. I would like the data from Table C as a result of the query to be side by side making it all one row. Like a horizontal join...

    Here is the query

    select ux.unit_slno, ux.catalog_no, ux.unit_status, ux.prepare_date, ux.prepared_by, mc.MAC_Addr, mc.sw_rev from unit_module_info ux, module_cfg mc, module_info mx where mx.unit_slno=ux.unit_slno AND mc.module_slno=mx.module_slno

    in the two rows that results, sw_rev represents two different things.

    Can you geniuses help me get a single row please?

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    Post example data from all 3 tables.
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    select ux.unit_slno
         , ux.catalog_no
         , ux.unit_status
         , ux.prepare_date
         , ux.prepared_by
         , mc.MAC_Addr
         , group_concat(mc.sw_rev) as sw_revs
      from unit_module_info ux
      join module_info mx 
        on ux.unit_slno = mx.unit_slno 
    left outer
      join module_cfg mc
        on mx.module_slno = mc.module_slno
        by ux.unit_slno
         , ux.catalog_no
         , ux.unit_status
         , ux.prepare_date
         , ux.prepared_by
         , mc.MAC_Addr
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