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    Unanswered: REQ: Tutorial on Interface Coding

    I am sure this topic has been covered in this forum, yet the search feature has not led me to the information. Does anybody have a tutorial for creating a complex graphic interface in Filemaker?

    This tutorial would not focus on creating the graphics and UI theory. It would focus on the tables, fields, and scripts behind a user interface solution. It represents a quick start guide for creating a database. The tutorial would form easy to follow steps for a beginner to intermediate level. It would explain all the container fields and their placement on the layout. It would cover primary & secondary tabs; check boxes, highlight masks, sort graphics, and slider controls.

    I have only found isoFilemaker Magazine's "15 minute tabs". The tutorial is great, yet only focuses on the tabs and leaves other aspects of the interface out like portals, checkboxs, radio buttons, etc.

    Several sample Aqua databases have helped me, yet reverse engineering is not as ideal as a tutorial. Let me know if you can help.
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