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    Unanswered: CR X Enterprise XI

    We are total newbies to Enterprise and Crystal Reports. Are plan is to put up enterprise reporting using Enterprise and CR. We have Crystal Reports X and Enterprise XI.

    Do the releases of CR and Enterprise need to be the same for compatibility? How much of a disaster will we precipitate if we develop in CR X and publish to Enterprise XI??

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    CR10 reports in XI


    You won't cause any problems publishing CR 10 (which is what I assume CR X means, as there was no version X) reports to Enterprise XI. You will however lack functionality introduced by XI, such as dynamic and cascading prompting for parameters. You will also only be able to publish using the publishing wizard provided with XI rather than being able to publish directly from Crystal Reports using the "Save..." option - very handy.


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    You may wish to look at 3rd party apps like the one we use to publish our reports from

    Its no where near the cost of Crystal Enterprise, and has a ton of features.

    You should take a look!

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