Nobody wants to work for me now? This is what I need ASAP. Deveverable are due Feb 1, 2006 for phase #1 The job specs are below. With 3-5yrs experince. $70-75k

Job description..

3-5 years of J2EE development; Experienced in CMMI level 2 or higher software development processes; has participated in previous projects of similar size and scope.

Senior software engineer/architect: Ability to conduct analyses and design of system improvements and enhancements; able to design and supervise and implement changes to the portal system; knowledge of the constituent systems and subsystems of the MIA and the ability to design and supervise the implementation of integration of MIA with other FDA systems. Ability to design system improvements; knowledge of software performance metrics and metrics for software development(e.g. LOC/MM, function points/MM, new requirements implemented per MM, etc,)