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    Unanswered: Help with telephone number with extension

    Looking for code to store telephone number and extension in the same field in a table. If I were starting from scratch I would put extension in different field but I inherited this one just stored as text.

    TIA! Ken

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    What is the problem you are hitting
    If its a string / text value then adjust the column width to fit.
    If the problem is that you want to change the format mask then thats a different proposition. I don't use the Access supplied format mask as it is invalid for the UK and other parts of Europe
    You might try something like:-
    (000)-000-0000 ?99999
    (000)-000-0000 \X99999

    -depends on how big you think your required extensions are going to be (I have seen 6 digit extensions in some sites)

    As you point out the fundamental problem is coercing one coluumn to contain 2 elements of data.

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