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    Unanswered: error - ODBC sql server driver timeout expired

    Hi everyone

    I have installed SQL server on my server machine. using localsystem and mixmode option.
    It is working fine.

    I installed sql server with connectivity tools only option on my client computer.

    now, When i try to connect to server using data source from control panel --> Administrative tools --> Data source(ODBC).

    but I cant connect.It gives me error as below.

    Connection Failed:
    Sql Server Error:0
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Timeout Expired.

    I uninstalled sql server from my client and server computer. and installed again.

    I tried to ping from client computer to server computer it is working.

    even i tried telnet sqlservername 1433

    this one is also ok.

    But same error facing

    Please help me out.


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    What's the client OS? What service pack? What version of MDAC is the client running? What's the status of NetBIOS on your network?

    What OS is the server running? Waht service pack for the OS? What version of SQL? What service pack?

    Any firewalls running between your client and the server?

    You'll need to research these to get to the root of the problem...


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