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    Question Unanswered: Bug in JDBC Driver or not ?

    I'm inserting data of datatype DECIMAL.
    To give a brief explanation when capturing the data from my app if the last value I capture is an INTEGER then it changes all my previously captured values to INTEGER.
    Note: This only happens if I specify my last captured value as an INTEGER. If I specify any other value as Integer as long as the last one is Decimal then it keeps the format of my data as I have captured it.

    I am assuming that it is a bug in the JDBC driver
    Has anyone else come across a problem like this.
    If something is unclear in my explanation pls let me know.


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    It is always safe to assume that the bug is in somebody else's code, especially when you don't want to waste your time explaining the problem properly.

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    Just to clarify

    I've debugged my app and traced the flow of the data, it is passed correctly from the app to the JDBC driver but the problem occurs between JDBC Driver and DB2. Hence justifying my question whether there is a bug in the JDBC driver.

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