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    Unanswered: pop up alert

    I am developing a database for our fleet of company vehicles. What I'd like to know is is it possible to set up some kind of alert where a dialog box appears (like the sort of thing in Outlook with reminders).

    What I'd like is, for example, if a vehicle requires a service a pop up would appear, a couple of weeks before, when the database is opened to alert the user that it will be required soon.

    If anyone knows how to do this it would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's fairly east to do with a bit of coding. Not so easy strictly using Access user level objects.

    Do you have a programmer around who can help you?
    have fun!

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    You coudl have an event fire on load (say of your switchboard that did a query decided if a message was required and fire off a modal messagebox.

    If you are used to using outlook, then rather than annoy your users with a pop up I'd consider annoying the heck out of your user base by sending them an email instead. Seriously though you could run it as a batch task, run say overnight and annoy your users (and IT infrastructure people as well) and send the emails to all relevant people. Sending an Email through outlook is pretty easy, failing that you could send an email using SMTP protocol (I think there was a questions about this recently)

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