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    Unanswered: help! Record count of exceptions printed

    I am new at Crystal, and I am printing a simple report of customer's whose country field in the customer master does not match the country master file. I am doing this at detail time and am conditioning the exceptions that print through the format formula editor :section_visibility.
    If there are 8 countrys that don't match, I want a record count to print at the end of my report showing 8 records, not all the records in the customer master file. I messed with "whileprintingrecords" but am still really new at this.

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    help! Record count of exceptions printed

    Perhaps I am missing something, as you didn't put too much detail in your request, but wouldn't it make more sense to put the filter in the query.


    Do this through the Selection Expert in CR. Click on the button marked "Show Formula", then "Formula Editor". Add your condition on the end (make sure you put an AND at the end of the previous conditions, if there are any).

    You should ensure that your tables are properly linked. Come to think of it - you can stipulate this as a linking condition and Crystal Reports will generate the above code for you - if you have a separate attribute that links the tables. For example, they may link on a COUNTRY_ID field. Make sure that this is a normal join for COUNTRY_ID to COUNTRY_ID (the default option in the link editor), then add an additional link for COUNTRY_NAME to COUNTRY_NAME and change this to a NOT EQUAL join.

    If you still want to use the conditional section suppression you can. Simply access the Section Expert (right click on the grey section to the left of the report in the Design or Preview screen). Select the section to suppress and click on the Formula editor button to the right of the Suppress option. In the formula edito you simply have to put in the condition you want to be satisfied to suppress the section - this would be something like:


    This means that any record whose country in the country master is equal to the country in the customer master will be suppressed.

    Hope this helps.

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