I have a question on this due to an issue that has come up. We interface to different software products and frequently use this ODBC to connect to SQL server databases. However, for 10 days now I have been troubleshooting an issue with setting up a SystemDSN to an MSDE2000 database, validating with SQL authentication where the user (with no password) is defined as a sysadmin and able to login to the msde database. Now, in the setup of this connection, I usually am able to tell the connection to "Use a different database" where I check that option and then choose the database from a list, which I can do. The probelm is that I cannot get this to keep the connection. What happens is I try to run my program that queries the database by opening a table initially to get some information, but it returns that it cannot open the table. I think this is due to the connection not being directed to the msde database, but maybe choosing by default to the master database. Since I am more familar with SQL 2000 and having an enterprise manager to attach databases and then set up connections, I don't know if this ODBC drivers is compatible with MSDE2000 databases. Have anyone had an issue similar, or there something that needs to be defined by the developers of the software that use the database to allow a connection to exist and then use the proper database that I need?