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    Unanswered: SQLSERVERAGENT service will not start

    I restarted the MSSQLSERVER service and SQLSERVERAGENT will not restart.
    I get the following error.

    Could not start the SQLSERVERAGENT service on Local Computer.
    The service did not return an error. This could be an internal Windows erroror an internal service error.
    If the problem persists, contact you system administrator.

    Well the system administrator has no idea.

    I am new at this.
    please give me a hand.

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    Try looking at the Logon account of the SQLSvrAgent in Control Panel/Services

    Has it changed and been activated with the reboot ?

    try running it as local account - try to start it with different accounts.

    Have you checked the Event Log for startup service failures ?

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    check your windows event logs and check your SQL Server Error Logs.


    if the service was running and now it is not, check the service account that it runs under. if a service account is used, check that the password has not been recently changed or that the account has had its group memberships changed. in addition (assuming you are a member of a domain), make sure that the computer is a domain member and that someone hasnt modified its computer account. this is unlikely but check anyway.

    also make sure the mssqlserver service is running as you cannot start the agent without the server.

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    If agent runs under LOCALSYSTEM account, check if you didn't drop by mistake your BUILTIN\Administrator account.(EM->Security) (SQLServer Agent uses this account in this case)

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