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    Red face Unanswered: Prompt to new part of form and carry data down

    I am building a db to hold order information in it...

    As with all my posts I am non-techie and need simple instructions if possible, many thanks!!! Having a particularly bad blonde moment at the moment!!

    The order info houses data on safety clothing etc... some items may be embroidered with a logo so......

    If the item is a shirt it may want a logo whereas shoes wouldn't....

    Could I set something up so that certain items (that could be embroidered) e.g. shirt, jacket, pants etc could have an option to flag the embroidery option on or off....

    In embroidery option is chosen could it take the garment info to a part of the form where the additional info is input e.g. the logo, initials etc to be embroidered...

    Making any sense?

    Thanks for your help

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    In your form's OnCurrent event, which fires every time you get a blank record up, put code to disable all the controls in the 'embroidery' section of the form. In the section of the form that analyzes the order, check the items. If the order is for an item that can be embroidered, enable all the disabled controls and set focus to the first text box in that section.

    Alternatively, you can add a field in the table, maybe call it Logoable. Make it Boolean, and make sure that the user who enters the description knows it's there! When the customer orders any Logoable item, your code can read the field and enable the disabled controls as before.

    Either way, after the record is saved and the form blanks out for a new record, it will display with that section disabled.


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